Beach Keepers Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting South Florida beaches by eliminating litter- we believe that Beach Litter Matters!


Our Mission

We are committed to creating a beautiful South Florida Beach Experience for everyone who visits.
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About Us

Beach Keepers Inc. Is dedicated to maintaining a beautiful beach experience for every patron.
About Us


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Our sole purpose is to provide an unforgettable experience in South Florida, regardless of where you are. See How We Can Help You
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The mission of Beach Keepers Inc is to keep Florida beaches in their natural pristine condition.  Beach Keepers Inc’s mission is to clean up Florida beaches, parks, city streets, waterways and any other areas of debris negatively impacting our natural resources.



  • Beach Keepers Inc. supports the conservation of Florida ecosystems.
    • our Wildlife
    • our Marine life
    • our Flora
  • Beach Keepers Inc. seeks to instill a spirit of preservation of natural beauty in the public.
  • Beach Keepers Inc. seeks to support Florida’s tourism industry.

Love For Our Ocean

Beach Keepers Inc. longs for the removal of pollutants in our ocean.

A Collective Effort

If you believe in our mission and would like to become involved with Beach Keepers Inc. , we would love to connect!

You can reach out to us via our Contact Page, Social Media, or by joining us on our beach-cleanup missions!

A Noticable Difference

Removal of hundreds of pounds of trash weekly by our team. Our objective is to preserve the natural beauty of our coastal communities.

A Happy Community

Our eyes and efforts are focused on the health and happiness of our coastal communities.  Let’s clean up together!

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Beach Keepers Inc.

Beach Litter Matters!


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